Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Nottingham Express Transit

One of the modern Alstom Citadis trams on the NET network calls at Nottingham Station. 22/05/2017
One of the original Bombadier trams at Wilkinson Street 22/05/2017
Nottingham boasts a 20 mile tram system serving 51 stations and served by a fleet of 37 trams. Launched in 2004 and extended in size by more than double by 2015 Nottingham re-introduced trams to its cities streets after an absence of some 68 years when the Nottingham Corporation Tramways were converted to trolleybus or motorbus operation with the final trams being withdrawn from service in 1936 in line with the transport plans of many UK cities around this time.
Todays fleet consists of 15 Bombadier Incentro trams (built for the inauguration of services from 2002-2003) and a fleet of 22 Alsthom Citadis vehicles (built from 2013-2014 for the expansion of services).

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