Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Picture of the week- 8th April

Each week Network Rail runs a multitude of test trains which use high tech equipment to test the nations track for defects, gauging issues and a multitude of other parameters. The southern region commuter zone sees very heavy passenger traffic levels and hence is inspected regularly. The TRC (Track Recording Train) has a regular schedule to test all the regularly used routes. Usually this operates with class 73 locomotives, either 73138 (operated by Network Rail) or locos hired in from GBRailfreight. Occasionally other traction may also appear. This was the case on 8th April when 37688 'Kingmoor TMD' made a welcome change from the 73 stronghold while reversing with the train at Waterloo. 73201 'Broadlands' had led the inbound working and 37688 would now haul the train from Waterloo to Wimbledon.

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