Wednesday, 22 April 2015

47's still going strong with GBRailfreight work

The hire of class 47's by GBRailfreight has given the class a further lease of life hauling heavy freight trains in the north east. With approximately 100 years service gathered between them recently overhauled and re-painted 47812 and 47847 cross the River Aire north of Ferrybridge with 4D31 from Drax to Doncaster on 17th April 2015. Several additional class 47's are planned to go on hire from Riviera trains to GBRailfreight to provide relief traction for the class 66's which form the mainstay of their fleet. The 47's tend to work trip workings and freight services which do not stray too far from their base at Doncaster- typical destinations include Drax, Goole and Hull.

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