Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lowestoft Air Show Specials 2012- What a line up!

37425 growls as it crosses Reedham Swing Bridge with the additional 
(and delayed) 17:45 Lowestoft -  Norwich on 23rd June 2012

There are some events in the railway calender each year that really should not be missed. As far as I am concerned one of these is the annual Lowestoft Airshow held over two days each summer. A brilliant day out come rain or shine and made all that much better by the fact that loco hauled passenger trains have become part of the staple entertainment.

Another photographer captures 37425 as it storms through 
Oulton Broad North heading back to Norwich. The locomotive 
had been released into traffic with DRS just days earlier.

 For many years Anglia railways provided class 47's to top and tail a train to between the airshow and Norwich. With the franchise passing to National Express and now Abellio the tradition has remained. 2012 saw a departure from the usual arrangements with the airshow being staged over a weekend for the first time in it's 16 year history. For the rail fan this meant even more extra loco hauled trains!
As if two class 37/4's and two class 47's on passenger trains 
were not enough, 37409 'Lord Hinton' was also to be found 
stabled at Norwich with saloon coach 'Caroline'. This coach 
started it's life as a 'Hastings' unit buffet and also spent time 
as the SR general managers saloon before being converted 
to it's current use.
 In addition to the usual class 47's a pair of 37/4's were also turned out, freshly overhauled by DRS. Two sets of Mk3's were worked too and from the seaside both sandwiched between a pair of locos. 

37419 prepares to work it's fist passenger train in over six 
years; the 16:15 Lowestoft Norwich on 23rd June 2012.

37419 is seen powering the 18:20 Lowestoft Norwich shortly 
after crossing the swing bridge at Reedham. (The bridge visible 
here was the vantage point for the shot of 37425 on the 
swing bridge)
As an added attraction there was also a steam trip in the area which included the use of a former GWR pannier tank along the branch to Cromer, Sherringham and over the North Norfolk Railway to Holt. 
My only regret is that with so much rail action I didn't actually get a chance to watch the airshow!

Pannier Tank 6944 departs from Hoveton & Wroxham
What a line up! Four locomotives all on passenger stock stand at Norwich!


  1. Hi James! Love your shots of the airshow specials. Did you edit this one?

    37419 is seen powering the 18:20 Lowestoft Norwich shortly
    after crossing the swing bridge at Reedham. (The bridge visible
    here was the vantage point for the shot of 37425 on the
    swing bridge)

    - Seems unlikely that no one was on the road bridge as a 37 passes the swingbridge ;o)

    Cheers, Allan

  2. Allan- Thanks for your kind comments.
    The picture in question is un-edited. I was also a little surprised at how few people were at Reedham- I think others had taken shots earlier in the day when the light was slightly more favorable. There were a couple of people on the bridge at the time (they kindly gave me a lift back to the station afterwards) but they must be behind one of the trees!