Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The end of a split-box era. Farewell 37087.

Back in January 2009, 37087 is entrusted to the 4M71 Tilbury- Daventry
train following the failure of the booked class 66.
The train is seen here at Woodgrange Park in East London.

The traffic DRS locos have become known for- on 20th July 2010
37087 is seen leading 37229 though Kensington Olympia with
6M95, the nuclear flask working Dungeness
My final encounter with 37087 was on 16th December 2011
when it hauled a stoneblower to Eastleigh. The short
train is seen here emerging from the line to Staines at
Byfleet & New Haw
Ever since the fist class 37 rolled off the production line over fifty years ago the sight of a class 37 with split-headcode boxes has become very familiar. I personally only got into the hobby during the later decade of these locos histories, but even so the 'split box' machines were certainly my favourites. EWS was still using it's last survivors untill the end of 2004 after which it really seemed the end was near for 37's supporting earlier style front ends. DRS however still had some locos on it's books which had avoided the companies modernisation scheme. 37029 lasted in traffic until late 2006 (and has since entered preservation), thus leaving just 37087 to represent the split-box machines on the mainline. Amazingly the locomotive has continued to do just that, being the sole surviving split box machine for 5 1/2 years. Like all things though, good things must come to an end. In June 2012 the locomotive was withdrawn to donate parts to class 37/4's which will now be revived. The curtain hence has fallen on the real, working, split headcode 37's- gone, but certainly not forgotten.

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