Wednesday, 23 March 2016

East Lancs Diesel Gala

D1501 at Ramsbottom with a shuttle train from Bury.

A very SR feel here- 33109 and 50015 pass at Ramsbottom.
Class 14 'Teddy Bear' D9537 approaches Irwell Vale
50015 'Valient' climbs away from Irwell Vale to Rawtenstall
Back in February there was time to pop in to the East Lancashire Railway on my way back from Scotland (well, it was sort of on the way!). While the weather on the day was not really the best the traction on offer from the ELR's home fleet certainly didn't disappoint, a particular highlight being the Bury Diesel groups Hymek D7076 which was on top form and looking splendid. Overall on offer on the day was a strong line up of: D9531 (class 14), D9537 (class 14), 31466, 33109, D7076 (class 35) 37109, 37418, D345 (class 40), D1501 (class 47), 50015 and 73001.
33109 is ready to depart Irwell Vale with a Ramsbottom train.

The East Lancashire railway runs for twelve miles between Rawtenstall and Heywood in Lancashire with its base at Bury Bolton Street, a short hop from central Manchester on the Metrolink tram service.

Hymek D7076 awaits its departure from Ramsbottom back to Bury and Heywood.

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