Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 Finale- A day at Barnetby

60035- a rare survivor in non-overhauled condition hauls a train of loaded iron ore tipplers from Immingham to Santon.

66104 with one of the many daily coal trains from Immingham
Barnetby is one of those rail enthusiast 'Meccas' that one really does need to make the effort to visit from time to time. It has large volumes of freight traffic, many interesting photographic angles and to complete the scene is set off by some of the best semaphore signals still to exist in the UK. Usually my presence in this part of Lincolnshire is enough to force the weather to throw its worst at me- my last two visits have been in dull wet and generally unpleasant conditions. It was therefore a treat to be here on a perfect winters day. An enjoyable way to end 2014.

Looking back at 2014 itself as a year has many highlights for me, in terms of railways at least! The year started spectacularly with two weeks in China photographing 'real' steam in its dying days. The trip was blessed with exceptional weather and really was an experience of a lifetime which I will never forget. 

Several other countries have been visited as well including Germany, Denmark and several trips to France. I still feel I have 'unfinished business' in all of these, especially France and am sure I will be seeing more of this country in particular in 2015. Off the beaten track almost as much as China was the autumns trip to Kosovo and Macedonia. These railway systems are a world away from our own- though getting a ride on a NoHab diesel locomotive on a service train in 2014 has to go down as one of my highlights of the year. 
66200 'Railway Heritage Committe' with empty biomass
60074 with empty tanks from Kingsbury to Humber
There has been plenty going on closer to home as well. The rapid expansion of the Colas fleet has been well documented while I have particularly enjoyed catching some steam charters in recent weeks in the lovely winter sun that we have experienced. Riding class 47's on service trains in Anglia is always a joy, as was finally traversing the Cumbrian Coast line- with steam.
Going into 2014 there is a lot to look forward to, more countries to explore and more pictures to be take.  
The first photo I posted this year was of a spectacular sunset (http://trains-today.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/its-all-been-bit-quiet.html) so it seems only fitting to end the year in the same way- with 60035 bringing the curtain down with an iron ore train at Barnetby.
I hope you have had an enjoyable 2014 and wish readers a happy new year.

60035 pierces the sunset at Barnetby with a Santon- Immingham empty iron ore train. The semaphore signals are due for replacement in 2015 much to the demise of this location

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