Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Picture of the week- 26th August 2014

As often seems to happen during the summer time just flies by and my posts seem to become infrequent! I've plenty I have thought about to say- just not the time to blog it! With the beautiful summer we have had (until recently anyway) I have just been too busy out and about.
Anyway- while looking for an image for another project today I stumbled upon one of my favorites from the past- a perfect line up of cabs at Clapham Junction back in May 2005. The new Southern livery was only introduced to a handful of the old Mk1 'slammers' and suited them very well. 1862 is seen here sandwiched between a class 455 and a 377- three generations of SR EMU from the Southern fleet all gathered together for a brief moment.

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