Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Picture of the week- 11th June 2013

The beautiful weather of just a week ago seems now to have disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived.
On 4th June the sunshine coincided with one of the few 'interesting' class 66's turning up to work in my local area. 66522 in the distinctive half line green of Shanks was entrusted to work the Freightliner train from Wool to Neasden. This locomotive was painted some years ago now to mark the partnership of Freightliner and Shanks waste group in running 'Binliner' trains from London to landfill sites out of the city thus removing thousands of lorries from the roads. The train is pictured leaving the South West Mainline near to Byfleet as it makes its way to Neasden- well worth staying out after work for!

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