Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Joined up thinking gets the fans to the game

There was an interesting working on the 24th March when the WAG (Welsh Assembley Government) train made a very rare run to London (I don't believe it has ever happened before) in connection with the FA Trophy Final at Wembley where Wrexham met Grimsby Town. With the loco hauled set usually sitting spare at weekends Arriva Trains Wales used it to transport fans directly from Wrexham to Wembley Stadium for the game. Chiltern also strengthened some of their trains in connection with the match. It is nice to see that occasionally the railways can still rise to the occasion and come up with great solutions to get passengers where they want to be. As an added bonus for the Wrexham fans they also won their football match!
The train is pictured here at a somewhat less snowy than expected Haddenham on the Chiltern Mainline. 

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