Monday, 5 March 2012

A long way from home...

At first glance there is little unusual about this photograph- it is simply one of the 250 built EWS class 66's- an almost ubiquitous sight on the UK rail network.
Look harder and you may notice a few oddities.
First of all- this is not the UK rail network! 66153, now under the umbrella of DB Schenker is one of the locomotives which has been exported to Poland.
The give aways are the low level platforms- unheard of in the UK but common through much of Europe. The wagons in the picture are also not of UK origin.
The locomotive itself appears largely unaltered (it certainly looks more 'British' than the French 'Euro Cargo Rail' locomotives), the only alterations are to the lighting clusters and the application of a UIC loco data panel.
The location is Wegliniec in south western Poland from where the locomotives is about to depart light engine. Unlike the French exports the polish 'sheds' are unlikely to return to the UK.

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