Saturday, 18 February 2012

Picture of the week- 18th February

Back in 2007 Deutsche Bahn diesel 232-909-2 is seen passing through Rotterdam Centraal with an international freight working; undoubtedly bound for the deep sea ports of Rotterdam Harbour. On the closer platform an NS 'Koploper' intercity EMU can be seen. The 232 class locomotives, commonly known as 'Ludmilla's' were built for East German Railways (Deutsche Reichsbahn) in the 1970's to a Soviet design. With the reunification of Germany following the fall of the Berlin Wall the new 'Deutsche Bahn' took control of the locomotives and their sphere of operation increased dramatically with the locomotives being employed on heavy freight trains across Germany and beyond.
Today the class are still in operation in many parts of Germany, all be it in greatly reduced numbers. How long they will remain in service remains to be seen, but hopefully these huge loco's will remain with us for a few years yet.

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