Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Picture of the week- 22 Nov 2011

Finding the time to write on this blog seems to be a struggle. It is not that I don't have things to write about, but somehow the time always seems to disappear. Anyway, in a bid to breath some life into the blog I shall endeavour to post a 'Picture of the week'... weekly, in theory. The photos may be from any time or place and will be captioned- hopefully they will be of interest!
This weeks photograph is from September 2004 and goes back to my railway roots depicting South West Trains 4-VEP 3411 arriving into my local station, Hersham with a morning counter-peak service to Guildford.
Back in 2004 the South West Mainline was still full of the old 'slammers' despite there being less than a year to their final demise. Workings such as these strengthened morning peak services away from London are also now a thing of the past following the major re-write of the SWT timetable in December 2004.
Having grown up with the 'Slammers' and spent many pleasant hours travelling on them when I was new to the hobby they are certainly a sight and sound that I sorely miss.

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