Thursday, 28 April 2011

Introducing 'Trains Today'- The Blog

For more than eight years I have maintained an online presence under the 'Trains Today' banner. Firstly with a Yahoo Geocities site (which some of you may even remember) and for some time with ''. Since apparent demise of fotopic, and no platform that I feel competes with that service, I have decided to try something a little different. Trains Today- as a blog.
I have always aimed to tell a story through the captions on my photographs, and this new format will take that a significant step further, with a story illustrated by the photographs.
Over the last few years I have also become much more interested in railways overseas, and I anticipate this being a large focus for the blog. Entries will explore specific days out or rail trips and give an overview of what can be explored at different locations. I hope that this will be both interesting, and a source of knowledge for others planning similar trips.
Viewers will be able to use the blog 'tags' to find posts which interest or are relevant to them, or may read them regularly as the site is updated.
This is a very different format from my previous websites, and I do hope it will prove enjoyable and interesting. As usual any comments you have will be gladly received.
Thanks for viewing, and I hope you will visit again!

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